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Custom Party Cartoons

Need something different, affordable & impressive for a party, event or promotion? We can create a cartoon in the likeness of a party guest in just 3 minutes. Unlike most caricature artists, who like to exaggerate people's flaws, at cartoon Slinger we create a cartoon picture that looks just like them...only better. We find that making people look good promotes a much better party atmosphere, as guests who feel good about themselves are much more likely to socialize.

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Party Caricatures

You've probably been to an amusement park or party and saw some lousy caricature artist was drawing the same face over and over for each guest.  Unfortunately, that's what most people think of when they hear the word "caricature", if they're familiar with the word at all. A caricature should be a rendering that captures a likeness in an exaggerated way, and that's what we do. Each and every cartoon picture we create is as unique as the individual it captures, amusing and amazing your party guests with accurate, flattering versions of themselves in just 3 to 5 minutes each!

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Party Gifts

Whether you're looking for something special for the guest of honor or want to give every party guest something personal and fun to take home, we'll create exactly what you need!  We create custom gift cartoons and caricatures by e-mail and live at parties. Just need one or 2 people drawn? Just e-mail a photo of the person or people you want in the cartoon and a few details on what type of background or situation you like, and we'll have a finished cartoon of them in your hands within 2 or 3 business days. Want more than a couple of people drawn for your party? No problem! We have several artists available to draw quick custom cartoons for each party guest. Each artist can draw up to 20 people per hour, including their face, cartoon body, name and clear protective sleeve. To check availability for your party, Click Here.


party entertainment


Party Entertainment

No matter what type of party you're throwing, you'll need something to keep your party-goers entertained. you don't have to spend thousands on entertainment to throw a great party, in fact, for much less than a decent magician or band, you can have an entertainer that creates personalized gifts for each guest. A face painter, temporary tattoo artist, balloon artist, or henna artist can entertain your guests by creating unique and personal designs on the spot for your party guests, but only a cartoon or caricature artist creates something your guests can keep to remember your event forever. So hire a cartoon artist for your event, and watch your guests line up to have their picture drawn.

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Party Favors

Sure, you can go to any party supply store and pick up the same cheap plastic party favors you see everywhere, but what happens to the noisemakers and all that other cheezy stuff when the party's over? That's right, they end up in the trash. If you want to be sure your guests will have a good time AND remember your party, You'll want your party favors to be something they can keep forever, something personal and unique. The perfect party favor would also entertain your guests at the event, would that be too much to expect? Not at , it's not. We create custom cartoons in just 3 minutes. Your guests will line up to watch funny yet flattering pictures of family, friends and coworkers appear like magic before their eyes!

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